Why Learning Tantra And What Then?

Aspiring to the development of my humanity to divinity, the home of my body as a temple to honour fundamental and essential. My belief is that the soul, the spirit incarnated can rise to transcend the living body that houses it. In fact, I wanted to love deeply, naturally and simply liberate my body from its limits, injuries or energy blockages. Especially so that this powerful energy that exists in me to flourish further, while harmonizing with my spiritual journey.

The Tantric approach opened me this way. In summary a bit simplistic, I would say this is one of the few spiritual paths that addresses and celebrates sexual energy without wanting to compel or deny it. But let’s go a little deeper …
Tantra recognizes and celebrates the vital energy that exists within us and the need to stimulate and purify. Otherwise, we could flame constantly and toil tirelessly to contact and release the full potential power that dwells within us. Because once the road cleared and power released, we are naturally drawn toward the expansion of consciousness. By means of tantric massage, we can approach, tame and support this vital energy, sacred (or sexual energy), called the Kundalini.
I will try to clarify now, without going too far in the theoretical aspect, the balance is to be made between several related concepts conveyed in our Western imaginary distinction, too few sexually evolved (pardon this necessary generalization). Tantra is a design approach and a spiritual practice that includes and uses sexual energy.

The Path of Tantra shows us and teaches us to harness the most powerful energy available to us (the energy of creation, the divine incarnated in matter) to the elevation of our consciousness. In simple terms, rather than taking the traditional (and actually quite short) path leading to desire excitement that culminates in need of relief from orgasm, rather we allow this energy of love desire to explore a different path.

Receiving a tantric massage (or practicing Tantra with a partner) we develop greater acuity of our senses, we can feel the fullness of life energy as it propagates throughout our bodies and not limited to erogenous zones. It becomes easy for us to master being in a state of happiness and deep relaxation so that this energy travels as if a light ascent us to the top. However, the achievement of these statements requires healing work of love for our wounds that hinder the flow of this energy in the body.

Rediscover Your Sensuality With Sensual Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is not simply relaxing under the pleasure, not sexual act only, but the body that awakens the senses … Please note this is not a recipe to boost libido, it is a relational commitment, an invitation to take care of others and self. “Beyond the physical benefits, this practice also allows you to” recover “his taste for love, sensuality and sharing,” says Bhagvati Granier. This is also a way of letting go and pause to recognize their own needs. The relationship with the partner will take a new dimension, and gain preliminary authenticity. To rediscover your whole being!
Tantric massage significantly alters the relational quality of the couple. “This approach develops both acceptance beyond all standards of beauty, and the discovery of self and the other,” adds Bhagvati Granier. Most of the time, lack of desire or pleasure from the fact that one believes to know everything about each other, thus blocking any possibility or any surprise on his part, including sexual. One area where perhaps more than elsewhere the threat of routine, with mechanical actions that we know…

First get rid of your daily concerns, with a shower, for example. Then spend time together in silence is the best … Before embarking on the massage can be prepared all the time. An aromatic candle, music you like, cushions, massage oil. Create a favourable atmosphere.
This particular erotic massage London approach allows a rediscovery of each other, the quality of her skin, her breath, her curves, her sensuality. There is the idea of ​​waking to go beyond what we think of ourselves and each other.

Warning! A tantric massage you receive in a professional salon must have some quality criteria. Under the pretext of letting go, we should not accept everything. A good practitioner develops a quality of presence and clarity about his intentions. There is no sexual connotation in this massage. If you do not feel respected, trust your feelings, and ask your practice to be terminated. Tantric Massage courses are offered in one-day session or over several days. It is not necessary to come with a partner to participate. Alone or accompanied.