Tantric Prostate Massage For Men

The tantric prostate massage is united in bondage to its origins, it is a practice that is very widespread in recent decades, not only between same-sex couples but also between heterosexual but also in medicine, has its roots in Japan. Here, it was practiced by the wife to promote the sexual health of the partner, recent treatises on medicine show as a regular practice of sexual massage significantly reduces male infertility, prostatic hypertrophy, etc.. because tantric prostate massage helps to drain those infected sera contained in the prostate that may cause interference. Lately a lot of testing that were conducted using blood samples are now being made through the collection of prostatic secretions, few people know that AIDS can also be detected through the analysis of prostatic secretions thus avoiding broken needles, veins they are not, unfortunately, in our country is a method rarely used so I could not give you guidance in this regard. The technique of tantric prostate massage involves three components of the male reproductive tract: the prostate gland, seminal vesicles and the ampulla (a bladder that contains the male sperm in the stages prior to ejaculation). The prostate gland, when it is full, it can be perceived by pressing with a finger in the middle execution perineum (the height of the scrotum). It is a protuberance of the size of a new concept large round ball. Can also be reached from the rectum, it is perceived as a roundish protuberance pointing to the front part of the body to approximately 6cm deep inside the rectum. The best way to reach it from the rectum is to insert the middle finger and slide it along the inner wall until you hear the outline. That is the prostate. Just behind and above it there is a lump in the vaguely triangular shape - that is the bottom of the seminal vesicles. In them is produced and accumulated most of the fluids that make the seminal fluid. Under the seminal vesicles. In relation to sexual arousal, sperm and lubricating fluids accumulate in these glands rallying behind valves in the ejaculatory duct. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the valves open and the urethral bulb are filled, triggering the ejaculation reflex and muscular contractions of orgasm that empty the glands. The seminal vesicles, the prostate and can also be emptied with a massage of these glands practiced by the rectum.

How To Perform Tantric Sacred Spot Massage

Use body massager dildo rhythmically with a constant motion through a special dildo inserted into the anus but perhaps a more direct and simple using the middle finger or the index and middle fingers together, well lubricated, to apply a slow, deep massage on glands inside the rectum. The massage will force the seminal fluid and sperm to pass valves in the ejaculatory ducts and empty the prostate (which discharges directly into the urethra). If the excitation is low and there is stimulation of the penis during tantric prostate massage, ejaculation will not lead to orgasm. Once you start ejaculation forced to above help the emptying of the urethra can rub your finger from the base of the penis, pushing the semen through the duct to replace the muscle contractions of orgasm. If you want to cause an orgasm understood you just need to play fantasy with his phallus, I doubt if I will forget. A variant of the tantric prostate massage particularly effective in limiting the tendency to orgasm, and the feeling of pleasure caused by the passage of fluids in the ejaculatory duct and urethra is the so-called "ice massage". http://ourscenetv.info/ At least 10 minutes before the massage, ice packs (or the ice pack) are placed around the penis. active The ice remains in place even during the massage, and when the massage is completed, it is removed. This variant also offers the opportunity to put or put a chastity belt on the penis tamed from the cold. This technique works best if the man is immobilized, since it is very difficult for a man's genitals remain stationary while the "freeze." Obviously, the sub will not be very happy to be denied even the little pleasure that the process of milking could procure while the fluids are drained through his genitals rendered insensible. A condom can be used to collect the results, because the Master / Mistress can check when you have collected an adequate amount to replace a normal ejaculation and end the massage. Although tantric prostate massage itself is quite nice, many men are not able to achieve orgasm only through it.

Hello Friends Of Tantra, Given The Large Demand, In September There Is A New Treatment: Tantric Massage "HARA"

Many suffer from bloating, have difficulty evacuating the bowels regularly, then alternating constipation and colitis. The reasons for the malfunction of the intestine may be different: 1 - surely the most important of all is the stress and all of our emotions. We can here for example define our gut "our second brain." Everything that passes through our heads, it also passes from the gut: sadness, anxiety, constant stress, fears, continuous, then a low self-esteem of themselves, etc.. These cause energy blocks, emotional blocks of the intestine, causing irregularities. 2 - refined foods, industrial, the eating disorder. How many times I hear in the studio: "I mess up a lot." These "pies" are poured into our bodies carrying toxins that over time can become serious and chronic diseases.

Why have a tantric massage Hara?

It is useful for tense abdominal to the whole body. http://uvvoka.com/ The Hara according to Chinese medicine is the seat of physical energy, mental and emotional. From this point transiting the main meridians (energy channels), like that of the kidneys and intestines. In this way practicing this tantric massage acts on multiple fronts, restoring well-being to the whole body. http://massageyourpartner.com/ The cost of treatment is 40 euro takes about 30 minutes to which you can add 5 € for the installation of a detoxifying mud to the abdomen.